Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hey o/

Hey longtime no post, just dropping in to say hi :)

Not a whole lot has hapened lately well some stuff has but I cant really put it down here :(

What I can say is well exams are nearly here and I'm alergic already... books, study and notes really arent my thing :/ I practically freak out walking into an exam ya know that feeling, you dont wana eat cant sleep, keep fidgeting etc..... Well its here now, admitedly not as bad as the ones I got last year but its annoying and I cant wait to get out the gap for christmas =D

Works going ok but I'm gona be in a lot when my exams are done people out sick from work and my boss was practically begging me to come in the last few days but I had given notice so I 'politely declined' as in 'Fuck off I have an exam to study for'

One more thing, people that get up early in the morning... I dont know how you do it. Got up the last few days at 7am and quite frankly hated every second of the day until bedtime at a stupidly early hour. Really it was a crap experience and whenever im off I'm never getting up before 2pm ever again. Got up at 3pm today and feel great =D

Just giving ye a bit of scá anyway hope life is finding ye well, enjoy christmas and new years too if I dont post again.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you're alive lol :P

    I get up at 7am every morning for classes, and go to bed around 11pm.

    It was good to hear from you :)

    And Merry Chrismas!