Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hey o/

Hey longtime no post, just dropping in to say hi :)

Not a whole lot has hapened lately well some stuff has but I cant really put it down here :(

What I can say is well exams are nearly here and I'm alergic already... books, study and notes really arent my thing :/ I practically freak out walking into an exam ya know that feeling, you dont wana eat cant sleep, keep fidgeting etc..... Well its here now, admitedly not as bad as the ones I got last year but its annoying and I cant wait to get out the gap for christmas =D

Works going ok but I'm gona be in a lot when my exams are done people out sick from work and my boss was practically begging me to come in the last few days but I had given notice so I 'politely declined' as in 'Fuck off I have an exam to study for'

One more thing, people that get up early in the morning... I dont know how you do it. Got up the last few days at 7am and quite frankly hated every second of the day until bedtime at a stupidly early hour. Really it was a crap experience and whenever im off I'm never getting up before 2pm ever again. Got up at 3pm today and feel great =D

Just giving ye a bit of scá anyway hope life is finding ye well, enjoy christmas and new years too if I dont post again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Not posted in ages

Yes I know I haven't posted in ages, but thats cause theres shite all going on in my life atm. Ya know shit I cant post on the internet being cheif among them. I'd like to but I just cant you know pricacy and all that shit (-->I'm rather paranoid by the way)

but look just posting to say I'm alive =D take morew than a few weeks of silence to kill me you bastads =D

Monday, July 27, 2009

The week in review

Worked on Monday, it was crap.

Worked on Tuesday, was also crap. I did however get one good thing out of it I managed to fix my internal clock (as in not going to bed late and getting up late) I was in bed by 8pm on tuesday night so I was rather pleased with myself and looking forward to a wednesday where I could go shopping early for a change.

So Wednesday came about and guess what :O I was up and awake at 10 to 7. Made a fry for myself which I <3 I also hadn't eaten fried eggs in ages so I was deeelighted when I was eating them =P my Dad left for work as I was playing the computer. I was playing for a while and was just talking to a guildmate in the game how glad I was I wasn't at work... about 10 seconds after writing that my Dad came back to the house and said "your needed in work somebodies out sick"

I went crazy "Why the fuck did you come back and get me on my day off, fuck off and ring somebody else for fuck sake" was the most pleasant thing I said to him that morning. I can be a nasty git when I want to, and I really shouldn't have reacted like that I know but I was fuming. So wnt into work in a very quiet car with my best *I'm pissed off face on* but after about half an hour I had relaxed, and you know what? The day didnt turn out to be that bad at all =D The boss even came down and said sorry for the short notice and that someone had called in sick. On the way home I payed for what I did in the morning and my Dad was taking the piss out of me for most of drive home, we had a bit of a giggle which is good and I did say I was bit of a tool and I over reacted. He just went "don't worry about it"

Thursday got up early again \o/ and actually went shopping this time. Bought a few things like a new t-shirt that caught my eye, it was mainly toiletries though spray and shower gel and all that. Running a bit low. Oh and I also bought Crysis..... for a game slut like me I was actually shaking when I started playing it I was in awe. The graphics, physics and lighting in the game are simply amzing. The story is *cough* a bit shit but how bad :> so then did all the usual stuff then like hang around with a few of the lads. Had pizza in my front room and watched x-men 3 one of them hadnt seen it before so was bugging me to put it on... annoying but I said okay as I always do <.< cos its a pretty decent film. Stayed there with 3 of the lads till 2 in the morning just talking. Which we havent done in ages cos most of us are working but it was nice ya know :)

Friday got up a slightly late well 2.30 :\ and I would have been longer if one of my friends hadn't been ringing me all fucking afternoon. Picked up the phone and was like

"The fuck do you WANT" <-- I'm also a dick when I'm woken up.

"Where are you?"

"In bed you mong"

"Erm, Cian you said you meet me in town remember?"

"Huh? What for?"

"Its *insert name here* 21'st birthday tomorrow you moron. And we still dont have his present yet"

O.O "Fuck, totally forgot"

"You coming into town then?"

"Hah no fuck that I'm still in bed" <-- did I mention how lazy I am?

So anyway what actually hapened was my friend that rang bought him a big fancy watch and we all chipped in. The payment or re-payment rather (for the one who went in and bought the watch) was everybody who chips in for it, has to buy you a drink so the guy that bought the watch got 5 free drinks the next night saving him 30 quid :) so for the rest of that day I was just at home resting because Saturday was the big one. The first persone to make it to 21 from our group of friends so it was a big deal for all of us, I was rather excited.

Saturday, normal day get up late, dinner etc. After dinner had a shave and shower as we were going out for a bit of raz tonight :)

Me and 3 friends started drinking in one of their gafs at about quarter to eight, by nine we were in my mums car on the way into town. Got out went to the the atm and into the club. The place was pretty empty but not to worry it was still early. Gradually more people started to arive but the party was still kinda dead, an empty dance floor is a big disapointment for me (I'm crap but I do enjoy it) so plenty of alcohol and a few trips to the smoking area later I realised "Hey its starting to pick up WOOT WOOT" so from bout 11.30 ish the night really got into swing. The dance floor was packed, people were in good spirits. My friend (who's bday it was) was already destroyed and we weren't letting him get away with only being destroyed different groups of people kept buying pints and going for rounds of shots with him so he was totally hammered, still kept going though xD

I could go into every single detail bout the party but I'm not going to, cos I was also rather drunk hehe =P it'l also take ages to write it all down and make sense. But it was a great night, had a good laugh celebrating a friends birthday with no major drama which is about as good a night as you can hope for.

Sunday, first of all my head was fucked when I woke up and my tounge felt like it was wearing a wooly jumper, I needed water lots of it and more sleep..... lots of it z.z Got up pretty late but at least now I have an excuse :> so night came and I got a phonecall. A friends rents were away for a bit and he was having a session (consumption of alcohol for those who dont know) in his gaf. I didnt really feel like drinking as I had work on monday and because of the party the nihgt before but I said I'd call up anyway for a bit. Was good fun and I was rather annoyed at having to go to work in the morning as I would have enventually caved and gone drinking anyway. There's always something about having work in the morning that makes me want to stay at parties :( drinking there probably wouldnt even have crossed my mind if I didnt have work haha.

Monday, back to the grinder for another few days :(

Gah that took ages to write... anyways see ye again and much love <3


Monday, July 20, 2009

Up late again -_-

Its 3 in the morning I have work in 4 hours and I'm not even tired, why? Well because I'm a lazy bastard and got up at 5 pm today.

Thats whats I do when I don't have any work hehe, I asked my boss for Sunday off because of that party I was going to. She thought that I wanted the entire weekend off, which I didn't. But meh I did enjoy a weekend without work my first in about 6 months :\

The party was great btw met up with a few friends that I hadn't seen in ages n stayed there til about 4 came back wiht one of the lads. I love that actually when you run into people that you really get on with at a party n catch up. Was doing loads of that on Saturday night. We left at about 3 or half past and I brought one of the lads back to my house.

Both of us were starving so we raided my fridge and sat down in my kitchen for a bit just talking, after a while my friend went cos he was falling asleep. I was on Youtube when my Dad came down at quarter to seven in the morning to go to work hehe, he wasn't too happy =D

Got talked into going out last night as well my friends wouldn't stop bugging me to get more drink and come out again. I lost count of the amount of times I said 'I was drinking yesterday' they weren't having any of it though.

I caved eventually and it actually turned out to be a good night. We were in a house of a friend of a friends which was nice as she doesn't really know me that well but still let me and 2 of my other friends come. I can see why people might be reluctant to bring people that they don't know that well to their house, as many people are morons. You can rest assured I'm always well behaved when ever I'm out :)

We did have a great night though, despite the fact that one of my friends got off with this one that was at the house, who was a cousin of one of the other lads that was at the house. We had to walk home which took bout 3 quarters of an hour, as he was our lift home haha.

till my next blog :)

Cian (and fuck you Firefox my name is not spelled wrong)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A wee update

Hey ya'l I think I'l stick with irregular blogging in the future, mainly because I dont want to post rubbish and people get bored/stop reading. So what I'l do is probably post once a week or if something good/great/amazing/fantabulous happens I can post that too :)

Things have been going fine round here lately, still have ages left in my summer holidays which is rocking good news =D been working away so I have money and also something to do when I get bored of the computer. The game that I'm playing at the moment is great but I feel like I need a new one.

So last night my Mum said she was going shopping and I was

"Oh oh oh bring me, bring me"

the look on her face haha o.O "You actually want to come shopping, with me? Cian this is e we're talking about"

"Yes I do haha"

See usually when we go shopping I'm a moaning little shit telling her to hury up and asking why does she need to look at 10 different packets of the same thing <.< I really dont get how her or any female can stay inside shops that long. I mean what do they get out of it (except for shopping of course) I hate shops, dont ask why. I get really distracted in them and can sometimes find it hard to think, I've even gone in and bought the wrong things before and then afterwards said to myself fuck that I'm not going in again.

I'm not afraid of public spaces/shops or anything I just dont really like shopping a whole lot. I probably get it from my traumatised youth of spending countless hours in town while my Mum pours over useless shit that she's not going to buy in some backalley shop for hours on end.

So anyway back to shopping I went in with an eye towards buying the crysis battlechest (or something along those lines) its 3 games in one for 50 euro which aint too bad price wise. But it was 8.45 pm and the shops close at 9 on a Friday so once we got thee I ran out of the car because I needed money from the atm (getting all excited before going to gamestop which regularly happens) and checked the shop was open which :o it was. So that was great legged it to the atm 100 quid thank you very much. Turned into Road Runner on the return journey to gamestop but...

=[ 8.55 and the frakking shutters are down. I cursed very loudly in the middle of the shopping centre. Drawing starnge looks from a few people who though I was a bit odd hehe =P So I said frak it get some junk food and watch a movie instead :)

Which I did got some haribo starmix and a bag of dorrito's whcih are :o so tasty *drools* and watched Terminator Salvation. Which despite what a lot of people have said I though was great the special effects in are o.o and some of the things they do in it are shweet. It was a bit odd though and not what I would have made was I making it. But then again I'm not a writer so I'l sht up now haha.

I have a party to go to tonight, one of my friend parents have gone away for 2 weeks and left her alone (her being 19) we were there last week too but I forgot to mention it. So anyway a house, a load of drunken morons, what could possibly go wrong? If anything does I'll tell ye about it =P

Enjoy yere weekend all I know I will <3


Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I was on about the other night =p

'something that has been trailing me my entire life.

Something that I have finally destroyed utterly and totally. It may have taken somebody to say it to me to make me realise it. But I'm still like \o/ (thats e throwing my arms into the air in joy haha)'

Thats what I said and I think its time to explain, I'm the youngest of 3 brothers. Who are total legends btw, I would gladly follow them to hell and back and they'd do the same without asking. Ya know we take care of each other look after each other like proper family do.

But I'm very much the black sheep of the family, I was the one who was drinking when I was 13, I had been smoking for 3 years (on and off) before I was caught when I was 14. By then I was very much full time, I also got into alot more trouble in school than any of my brothers ever did. Nothing serious but I was and still am much more of a messer than either of them.

This was also greatly reflected in my school work. I was never even close to either of them in grades at school. We all went to the same school and because we look very alike (to the point where people think I am my brothers on the bus or if I pass in a car) teachers often confused our names. In my class in secondary school there was a fella there who even had the same name as me which led to alot of confusion in the first days. We're now great friends too he's a total ledge and I'm glad I met him he's a proper friend.

What I'm saying though is that because teachers either confused my name with my brothers or my friend (who at the time was one of the top in the class) it often led to things like "Cian" 'yes' 'yes' "No, not you the smart one" or "x" (me being called my brothers name) and then "Oh wait I forgot he always gets A's doesnt he"

Which for a youngfella at the age of 14 is rather nasty. I was also shite at maths in school despised them, still do of course =D But the maths teacher I had also had both of my brothers. I was really bad at them as in I didnt do homework in maths for 2 and half years straight.

So that led to me and her having shouting matches in class and regular visits to the year head, she was also a complete bitch so its not all my fault. Suffice to say that wouldnt do at all and when the Junior Cert (the first state exam in Ireland usually your about 15) came around I was well and truly fucked. But :o I pulled through got a B in maths which took alot of work but how bad. Then we have the leaving cert which is slightly more important as it allows you to gain virtually free access to a college course of your chosing provided you can get enough points for it.

The points system is rather odd as the points value for the subject you are entering isnt based on its difficulty, its based on demmand from the year before and in extreem cases of demmand ie: 200 more students want to do the subject than they have places for the points will increase until they have a number the lecturers can deal with.

But me being a moron thought it was the other way around low points = easy. Which is wrong, low points means a course that not many people take. This happens for one of two reasons (a) its impossible (b) the degree doesnt have many employment prospects. I got option (a) which is why I stated in my earlier posts that I dropped out of college last year and was basicly fucked.

I was after clawing and scraping my way through secondary school, battering my way past the Leaving Cert. Then was hit by the college wall, needless to say I was found wanting. I couldnt hack it and dropped out. So once again the black sheep of the family has found his place, neither of my brothers did that and I was begining to think alot of people thought I was thick. Because of our good old friend the 'Recession' I couldn't find any fucking work either. So for 9 months I was what alot of dropouts are 'A waster' having that title and having your friends regularly say it is shit. But from all the above I hope you can see the sort of state I was in, feeling like shite, getting treated like shite and having my sense of well being and self confidence at an all time low. It was the worst I had felt in a long time.

But here I am one year later with my first year of college under my belt passed all of my exams and am in very well paid part time work,so ya know what Fuck the lot of ye wankers I'm here and I'm not fucking off without a fight >:)

Oh and about that was said to me, I told somebody in work what I got a 2.2 in my exams which is a 60-65% average.

She said "Well there ya go, see you can do it when ya want to. You know people could have been going xxxxxxx(my dad) has 3 sons 2 of them are great but the young fella well he's a different story"

When she said that I was like o.o it was like getting hit in the face with a brick and has made me realise that I can do shit if I want it badly enough so woo woo GO ME =D

Hope ye enjoyed my little story anyway and I hope to blog again soon,

take care :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Im in a familiar spot now =D

In bed with the laptop, reading blogs till the sun comes up, well actually its been up for the last 2 hours and its now half 6 in the morning but shhhhhhat up =D

I'm in stealth mode, I have earphones in so the rentals wont wake up xD

Anyway people post more fishizlix... I'm out of reading material >.<